Here is my annual end of the year blog post on the state of the planet, in which I usually write a note of hope for the future. This year while I still come to you filled with hope, I must admit that I feel a tinge of disappointment with the human race. 

Just when I thought you all had things under control, and although I'm the cool parent who you don't really need to try too hard to impress, I'm feeling a tad let down by your collective actions. 

I really trusted all of you to listen to the people I sent forward to lead you all out of Kali Yuga and to begin our transition into the next phase of existence. However, for some inexplicable reason, you did not pay them much heed. 

The man who is pictured on this thumbnail did everything in his power to tell you the facts throughout this year, and countless other scientists and learned individuals echoed his words, yet so many of you did not even get your vaccines. 

So now you all are faced with the consequences of yet another wave of a new strain of Covid and frankly, I am tired of telling you I've told you so. 

This means that you've left me no choice but to finally reveal myself in 2022. I can no longer remain in the shadows and trust you human beings to continue on without me. Remember always, I'm not here to solve every problem on Earth but rest assured, I'm no longer the cool parent because I'm coming now to clean up your mess... and I'm angry.