How are we going to think of 2020 in the future?

Will it forever be remembered as the year of the great pause... or will we look back on this year with 20/20 vision?

On this date last year, I was much like all of you, optimistic about the future and mostly unaware of the impending virus that would fundamentally change the way we live, work, learn, and communicate. 

Make no mistake, Covid-19 has had a personal impact on me as I am sure it has had on you. I too have had friends and family members that were directly impacted by the virus and I too have cried more than a few tears as I’ve thought about how unfair the world seems to be at times. 

But my responsibility as Lord Kalki is to remind humanity that there will be a light at the end of this tunnel. In some ways, this has felt like the longest year in human history, but in other ways, we have reason to celebrate how quickly we have adapted as a species to this new global challenge. 

In less than one year, scientists around the world not only discovered but managed to test to almost perfection, not just one but at least three separate vaccines that should hopefully arrive within the next few weeks and months. This alone is a reason to celebrate humanity. 

Moreover, multiple countries and businesses around the world have pledged to allow more freedom in how people will work, we have made incredible commitments to combating climate change, and the results of the United States election have proven that democracy and human decency still have a place in our world. 

As we enter into 2021, I hope that none of us forget the year that changed the future of humanity forever. I too have to live in the same world as all of you and as difficult as 2020 has been, I still look to the coming year with optimism that this is just the beginning of a magical new world. 

Remember always, I am a human being first and the last avatar of Vishnu second. I live amongst you all taking on the same challenges of the world that you do. I do not get preferential treatment for who I am, nor do I ever expect to. If you remember this always about me, then I will do what I have to do to lead you all into this brand new age. 

It will be an age of truth, justice, and equality for everyone. I can promise you this. 


Love and blessings, 



Image credit: Joreldray, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons