Back in 2020, a documentary crew approached me to film a tv show about my life in order for me to show the world who I really am. It took some time to convince me to do the project because I don't really like to make too much fuss about who I am... but I finally agreed on a few conditions.

One such condition?

I pick the music.


I asked the crew to end every episode with a classic song from South Asian music that relates to the episode, and the song at the end of the first episode must be Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh, originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

The song talks about a love story that's rather strange and I find it deeply relatable because once you all hear the story of Padmavati and me, you'll think our lives are pretty strange too.


Unfortunately, Lata Mangeshkar passed away today, and with her passing, we lost a woman that was often called The Nightingale of India.

But her passing has made me think deeper on the wonderful gift of music that has been given to us human beings. I often debate people about whether or not God exists, and one of my questions is often: where do you think music comes from? Isn't it absolutely wonderful that there is a universal language that people across cultures and societies can all understand? Music is that magical language and there's no way that was just invented by us! It had to have come from some external divine source.


The first time you all meet me will be through music, and over the coming years, I will continue to release songs that connect us all. I may even play some instruments for you if you come to one of my shows.

Oh and Padmavati loves to sing Lataji's songs, so one day when I finally meet her, you can bet your white horses that I'll ask her to sing all of Lataji's music.


Who knows, perhaps I'll even get her to sing a Lataji song for all of you. Or... maybe she's already sung a few in public.

I'll let you all figure out that part of the strange story for yourselves. 






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