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I have previously written here about my work as a teacher in Shambhala, but while that post was on education, I wanted to write a new post more specifically about teaching itself.

Before I continue, a note on the thumbnail of this post: while I was teaching over the past few months, I finally received my diploma for my Masters in South Asian Studies.* For anyone who doubts my credentials, this means that I am an expert on the people, culture, history, and stories of the most populated region on Earth. As a teacher, I used this knowledge to better understand how all people function, especially in my hometown.

I had incredible teachers throughout my educational journey, and I used what I learned from all of them as I brought my own personality to the classroom. 

Now on to the real reason for this post…



On December 21, 2023, I was called in for a meeting with the administration at the school where I have worked since September to answer questions about conversations I have had with certain students that were deemed inappropriate for a public school. My conversations were private with students whom I considered to be mature enough to handle them, and what I said did not break any laws.

I was also asked to reveal information I knew about students' private lives and I only said that I knew about certain things that I have not shared with other administrators.

I have heard some teachers tell me that we should reveal whatever we know to administrators and other adults to protect ourselves. However, as a teacher, I saw my role as someone who should not only educate my students but also protect them from the judgments of those who do not take the time to understand the world they come from. More importantly, I did my best to show my students that many of us adults are not so different from who they are now.

While I do not regret my actions, I do apologize for any harm this may have caused. I have read all the messages I have received from former students, including the ones who disagreed with my choices. I appreciate the support many of you have shown, and if you disagreed with me, I understand your sentiment and I am sorry if you may feel as if I have let you down.

While working as a teacher, I was learning from all of you just as you were learning from me. In that sense, while you may have had only one me, I had 120 of you. I will be using what I have learned from my students to tell the world the story of what our world is really like through an epic television series based on my life.

Remember, truth should always prevail. Be your truest selves and please be safe while doing it. Life is not about being right or wrong. It is about cause and effect. Your actions have consequences and they can either be positive or negative. I choose to see this situation positively because it has inspired me to become a better role model for my students, even if this means I do this outside of the classroom.

And if you ever need a friend, since I am no longer a formal teacher, I can finally say that you are free to call me your friend. Because if there's one thing this world needs a lot more of, it's friends who understand the life you're living. You'll never get any judgments from me. I'm just happy to listen and help.

Oh and one last thing... expect a lot more content from me in 2024. Yes, that means... my TikTok is coming back.




*The diploma in the thumbnail has been edited to reflect my name as I would wish to be known in the world. For the same diploma bearing my legal name, please contact me directly. 

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