Today is what is known in the world as the European Day of the Righteous. For thousands of years, philosophers, theologians, great politicians, and even everyday people, have debated on what is the actual meaning of right and wrong.

But I don't think that way.


Where I come from, we think of the world in terms of cause and effect. There is no real right and wrong because ultimately what matters is... what actually happens based on the actions and words we put out into the world?

When Arjuna was hesitant to go into battle against his fellow family members during the Mahabharata, Krishna told him that it was not about whether the act of war was right or wrong... rather it was about Arjuna's duty to fight as a warrior and to stand up for whatever he believed in. By the mere virtue of the fact that Arjuna questioned the very nature of the effects of his actions, it made him into the superior warrior.


As I write this post, a war rages on between a nation driven by a man who gives little consideration into the effects of his actions, and another nation run by a man who only wants to protect his people. The man who began the war does not realize that the war will have terrible and deadly consequences not just for his own nation, but for the world at large.

I don't usually take sides in such conflicts but today, on the day of the European Day of the Righteous, I stand with Ukraine and the people of Europe.

That's why this post has the hero of this war as its thumbnail.

Today, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is my Arjuna.



This war did not need to happen... but it is happening.

So let us all pray together that it ends soon, and the world ends up a bit better than it was before.

Ultimately that's all that really matters. Right?



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